TL’s competitiveness

“ TL’s competitiveness Plastic surgery is an Operation

Perform the right plastic surgery
What is your purpose of the plastic surgery?
Plastic surgery is not an easy and simple thing, but an operation that should
be decided under serious consideration. Right plastic surgery is not just for
changing the appearance, but for changing your mind positively through
correction of individual complex
  • Safety first
  • Honest consultation
  • Exclusive doctor
  • Communication with patients
  • Customized surgery
TL Plastic surgery will do the best to always perform the right surgery under basic principle,
“Plastic surgery is an operation”

Acquire new surgery method, Continuous research

Acquire new surgery method, Participate in academic research constantly
TL Plastic surgery’s medical staffs take part in academic research continuously to acquire new surgery method.
Also, we try our best to provide the best medical service by holding conference every week for the entie staffs

TL has both Advantages of Large hospital and Local clinic!

Large hospital
Medical staff
Local clinic
After care
  • Large hospital
  • Famous medical staff Famous doctors from various media and academic activities increase the name value and give reliability.
  • Safety issue The most important thing about the surgery is Safety. We have stationed anesthesiologist and equipment for emergency case.
  • Device/Facility/Human resource Advanced device, operating room and recovery room are prepared for the surgery with professional medical staffs.
  • Local clinic
  • Representative doctor’s direct operation Patients can get direct operation from the representative doctor. Representative doctor takes responsibility for the results.
  • Communication Patients can easily communicate with the representative doctor
    even after the surgery
  • Customer Service Offers various services and info by personalized care

TL Plastic surgery gives satisfactory results with sincere care from customized 1:1 consultation to the surgery

TL's 3S System


Systematic plan, Advanced medical system

TL Plastic surgery prepared advanced and precise
diagnosis system for accurate and systematic surgery.
  • Systematic plan,
    Advanced medical system
  • - Scientific analysis with 3D-CT - 24 hours real time monitoring - Advanced medical device like endoscope and sonography

Safety first Exclusive anesthesia, Emergency medical system

1:1 Exclusive anesthesia system
Prepare for all the emergency case
Lee Eunkyung
  • Possess Uninterruptable
    Power Supply
    Cope with the power outage
  • Possess A-Line
    Monitor the arterial tubes,
    and pressure in real time
  • 4 steps
    sterilization system
    Eliminate the risk of infection with thorough sterilization
  • High-end
    monitoring device
    Check patient’s condition
    in real time
  • Defibrillator To take quick action
    for emergency case
  • Emergency
    airway puncture
    Possess device
    for establishing the airway
    in emergency

Customer Satisfaction, 1:1 care system

  • Professional medical staff
    Specialized field system
  • Exclusive consultation team
    Expert consultant for each field
  • Exclusive surgery team
    Experienced surgery team
  • Exclusive after care team
    1:1 after care for fast recovery
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