Chin Reduction Surgery

Chin Reduction

It’s an expression for better understanding of surgery reducing
tchin to a V-line by cutting chin in the shape of T without muscle

  • Patients with normal dental bite with a long or protruded
  • chin can treated to have a slimmer chin
  • Duration1h
  • AnesthesiaGeneral Anesthesia
  • HospitalizationN/A
  • Stitch removal 2weeks post op
  • Oral CareGargle after the meal until stitches are removed
  • Recovery3-4days Swlling-1week
  • Recovery may
    vary on individuals

TL Chin Reduction Surgery

  • 01. Customized surgery considering the current chin condition
  • 02. Surgery carried out based on the pre-op customized analysis
  • 03. 3D-CT scan used to investigate the location of nervous, enabling safe surgery
  • 04. Chin is designed by considering overall balance and ratio of the face

TL Modified T-Osteotomy

Slim and sleek v-line jaw without additional osteotomy, preventing from the sagging

Previous V-Osteotomy has risk of nerve damage and appearance of double chin due to saggy skin. TL Modified T-Osteotomy can prevent saggy chin and achieve firm V-line by making only the minimal incision at the tip of the chin bone without muscle detachment.
  • Improved V-line effect due to chin tip height elongation
  • No sagging due to no muscle detachment
  • No additional incision, so less pain and swell
  • Balanced face in length and width
  • Quick surgery hour, quick return to daily life
  • TL’s unique surgical technique improves satisfaction and safety

Chin Reduction Surgery Before & After

Wide & round chin

Small & sharp chin
Slim v-line face

TL Chin Reduction Surgery Process

Modified T-osteotomy

  • Round and short chin is
    cut in the shape of T
  • Place dissected chin to a lower position to reduce and extend the length in the same time
  • Mandibular angle is dissected and shaved to make a smooth

Reversed V-osteotomy

  • Chin is cut in the upside down
  • Middle part is removed to make the chin smaller
  • Bones on the both sides are fixed and shaved to make the V-line


  • Round and short chin is cut in the shape of T
  • Dissected chin is gather
    in the middle
  • Mandibular angle is dissected and shaved to make a smooth

Ideal Candidates for TL Chin Reduction

  • 01Side jaw and chin is wide and stubby
  • 02Chin is longer or shorter than average
  • 03If you don’t have a square jaw but chin is rounded, making your face look big
  • 04If you want a sharper and smoother jaw line from the front profile

Professional facial contouring
specialist’s direct operation

  • 1. Knowhow from years of facial contouring surgery
  • 2. Joint treatment of facial contouring specialists
  • 3. Experience of various facial contouring cases
  • 4. Performing live surgery amid plastic surgeons from abroad
  • 5. Continuous research about facial contouring
  • 6. Study for new method of facial contouring
Only for who really need
facial contouring
We provide safer and more satisfactoryresult with years of experience
Constant research about facial contouring, We have a pride for the result withindividual customized surgery
  • Presented a Paper at 2014 Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(KSAPS) “Outcome Analysis of Extended, Long, Curved Osteotomy with Oyter Cortex Grinding for Prominent Mandibular Angle and Broad Chin to Achieve V-line Contouring”
  • Performing live surgery amid plastic surgeons from abroad
  • Appear on the show Tvn “Martian virus” as a advisory
  • Invited to speak about “Zygomatic arch reduction through transcutaneous slit incision” at 2012 World Congress of Minimally Invasive Plastic Surgery & Dermatology
  • Appear on the live show MBC “This morning” as a advisory
  • 3 dimensional thorough
    analysis with 3D-CT
  • Professional plastic surgeons
    pecialized in Facial contouring
  • Safety first
    Exclusive anesthesia system
  • Safety first
    Safe medical system
  • Exclusive medical staff
    for post operative care
  • 3 dimensional analysis
  • Safe and systematic surgery plan
  • Scientific prediction of surgery result
The result can be different depends on the surgeon’s know-how! TL Plastic surgery provide satisfactory result with professional medical staff and exclusive surgery team with abundant clinical experiences.
Safe surgery that monitors 24 hours a day in real time.
1:1 dedicated system to help you recover quickly
Systematic analysis of each patient’s body condition for the most personalized anesthesia program
with anesthesiologist and cutting-edge equipment
Safety First Safe medical system! Speedy response to all emergency situations! Monitor patient’s safe surgery procedure from pre to post operation with cutting-edge equipment
  • TL SYSTEM 01Uninterruptible power supplies
  • TL SYSTEM 02Real-time monitoring
  • TL SYSTEM 034 Steps daily sterilization system
  • TL SYSTEM 04A-LINE Monitor
  • TL SYSTEM 05Cardioverter Defibrillator
  • TL SYSTEM 06Thyrocricotomy equipment
Offer 1:1 Personalized after care service for the fast recovery and satisfying result!Exclusive medical staff offers personalized care for pain relief and swelling after facial contouring surgery
Plastic surgery can have side effects such as infection, bleeding, and nerve damages
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