The more defined eyeBuried double twisted
suture method

Natural double eyelid without scarring.
The change of the eyes that makes your entire face look different

It’s an expression for better understanding of the double eyelid surgery that operates through tiny holes rather than an incision of skin.

  • Surgery duration30minutes
  • Anesthesia methodSedation
  • HospitalizationN/A
  • Removal of stitches3-4 days after
  • Recoverya week
  • These factors depends on
    the individual cases

What is Buried double twisted suture method?

Double eyelid surgery that sutures the skin and the muscles with multiple points

Double eyelid surgery connects the part of musculus levator palpebrae superioris to the eyelid skin.

    Usually, the methods differ depending on the patient’s eyelid features.
  • - Incision method
  • - Partial incision method
  • - Suture method

TL uses buried double twisted suture method to prevent from undone of original double eyelid surgery by applying an effective method for each case.

Surgery method

The crease is made by suturing muscle and the skin through the small holes on the eyelid.

  • Check the individual eyes
  • Create the small holes
    according to the design
  • Connect muscle and
    skin through these holes
  • Complete the natural
    double eyelid

Potential candidates

  • 01If you have disappearing double eyelid
  • 02If you have double eyelid only on one side
  • 03If you have thin eyelid skin with less fat tissue
  • 04If you have asymmetrical double eyelid
  • 05If you want a natural double eyelid

The characteristic of Buried
double twisted suture eyelid surgery

  • NaturalNatural eyes without incisional scarring
  • Stronger suture Minimize the chance of undone from the original double eyelid surgery
  • Quick recoveryMinimize the damage of the tissue for the quick recovery.

Different double eyelid designs

Double eyelid designs are characterized by In-line, Out-line, and In-out-line, differentiated by the starting point of
the double eyelid line.

  • In-line
  • Typical Korean double eyelid design.
    Very natural
  • Out-line
  • Usually seen from Caucasian
    Magnificent eyes
  • In-out line
  • Middle point of in-line and out-line
    Natural but magnificent

Wait! TL Eyeplasty Tip

If you combine these following surgeries it will help you achieve more defined eyes.

Everyone looks different, TL doesn’t recommend
the same Eyeplasty method to everyone.

Get the natural-looking eyes that suits your face with the recommendation of the medical doctors from TL.

TL Eyeplasty specialized doctors

The beautiful changes of the eyes

TL doctors are board-certified plastic surgeons
with abundant clinical experiences.

  • Performed live operation for domestic
    & international medics
  • Awarded many prizes related to
    plastic surgery

Key points of TL’s Eyeplasty

  • Specialized doctors for EyeplastyFrom consultation to follow-up
    Have a satisfactory result
  • 1:1 personalized consultationCertified plastic surgeon provides you
    the consultation considering beauty ratio
  • Operation team for EyeplastySafe and quick surgery by exclusively experienced
    teams designed for the Eyeplasty
  • Consistent follow-up after the surgerySeasonal check-up after the operation
  • Persistent research about EyeplastyAcquisition of the latest medical knowledge
    for development of effective surgical methods.
  • Satisfaction levels upPersonalized design for individual eyes Change
    the look entirely.
Plastic surgery can have side effects such as infection, bleeding, and nerve damages
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