The secret of beautiful side profileComplex rhinoplasty

It is an expression to help better understanding of surgery that combine
with facial contouring and anti-aging surgery making the balanced face

  • Rhinoplasty with considering face beauty ratio
  • Defined and harmonized face with s-line curve of the face
  • Surgery duration1hour
  • AnesthesiaSedation
  • HospitalizationN/A
  • Removal of stitchesa week after
  • Recoverya week
  • These factors vary
    on individuals

  • Rhinoplasty
  • +
  • Perfect lineFacial contouring surgery
  • Beautiful smile Lower face facial contour(Nasolabial fold implant+chin implant)
  • Ideal side profileForehead Implant


To achieve harmonies face, overall facial balance and harmony should be considered with rhinoplasty.
Lower face facial contour, facial contouring surgery and fat grafting can be done together for perfect and voluminous face.

Rhinoplasty + Facial contouring for the lower part of face (Paranasal augmentation + Micrognathia)

01Beautiful smile with plump paranasal area and sharp chin line

This surgery makes the beautiful face with paranasal area is called a smile zone with insertion of personalized implant plump together with the rhinoplasty
  • Personalized rhinoplasty
    considering the facial ratio

    Stable and sharp nose line
  • Balanced face without osteotomy considering
    the facial ratio facial contouring for lower part of face

    Beautiful smile line with implant on paranasal and chin
    Improvement not only side profile but front
Rhinoplasty + Facial contouring

02small and balanced face from any point of view

Make a small and balanced face with rhinoplasty with correction of the important area such as square jaw and zygoma allowing
beautiful nose line from any point of the view.
  • Consider overall balanced
    Customized Rhinoplasty

    Balanced and harmonized nose
  • Small balanced face
    Facial contouring surgery

    Harmonized with rest of the face
    Satisfactory results by scientific surgery plan and system

Exclusive system for Rhinoplasty of TL

The harmonization with my face rather than the trend!

Beautiful nose line that perfectly fits with my face even after 10 years

  • 01From consultation to after care.
    1:1 personalized care
  • 02Personalized operation from Rhinoplasty specialized doctors
  • 031:1 personalized
    safe anesthesia
  • 04Beautiful nose line with harmonized face
  • 051:1 after care system
Plastic surgery can have side effects such as infection, bleeding, and nerve damages
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